Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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   By: Lisa Rosano, Owner, Publisher, and Life Coach
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Passion is the Heartbeat of Life

This monthís theme is Passion: The Fire Within. I chose this theme because passion is becoming a phenomena for young adults, while it's possibly one of the most important inner drives a human being is gifted with.

For many years and as part of my work, I would venture into classrooms and ask students what they were passionate about. I was always given answers such as pets, family, video games, nature, grandparents, animals, painting, baseball, and so forth. Around five years ago, young adults stopped giving answers and began asking me what I meant by the question.

The stresses on young adults grow by the day and many vital emotions and states of mind are being pushed aside such as personal happiness, contentment, relaxation, and passion to name only a few. Not acceptable my friends!

As far as Iím concerned, being alive on this planet is an amazing gift and every single living being deserves to feel the greatness of their lives. I have lived my life passionately and do wish the same for each and every one of you.

Passion is an inner feeling that makes us feel good, excited and drawn towards what we are passionate about. In some cases, we cannot have what weíre passionate about so can only dream of it or cannot have it because itís not good for our mental or physical health. But in most cases, we can definitely indulge in our passions. The key is to listen to your inner self and when something feels good and itís good for you, keep doing it!

The magazine this month is full of passion! We are featuring Lucas Scarfone, young adult and successful photographer and our mentorís advice columns are as stunning as usual. Suzuki brings wisdom, Beverley brings humor, Roger brings success, Amy brings Simone de Beauvoir and Mark brings music.

Looking forward to next time and remember to live passionately,

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