Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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   By: Lisa Rosano, Owner, Publisher, and Life Coach
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It Takes a Community to Raise a Child

Dear friends/members, 

This issue of Empowerment House Magazine might be the most difficult that I have done to date as it approaches a very tender topic being the mind of a young adult and how drugs can destroy it.

I’ve heard many young adults make fun of adults who tell them not to do drugs. The "why not" is usually cloudy. Young adults “think” that they can't become addicted to drugs because “they” say so. They do not understand that they don't have control over how their brain accepts a drug on a certain day, at a certain time. Every young adult deserves to know the truth because, as our feature article explains, the young mind is not fully functioning sometimes until a person is in his or her later twenties. Therefore, the young adult mind needs as much information as possible so they can choose to not try or use drugs.

To every young adult who does not try drugs and/or stops using them, I just want you to know how proud I am of you. You "deserve" every chance there is for a wonderful future.

Always near,

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