Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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I went to school with the same people from grade three to eight. I was bullied most days for six years by kids who had horrendous family lives and personal issues. I didn't get a base education. My nerves were raw by age 13. I survived and have a great life. The one thing I want to share with those being bulled is that "these days" will end and when they do ... look out ... because it will be your day to shine! You will never regret fighting for your life! It "will" get better! - Anonymous Young Adult

Contributed by Katie who wanted to help Empowerment House
Magazine and others. Thank you for your research and hard
work Katie! Thanks also to Katie's Mom, Darci, for sending this along!
You make a great team and have made a big difference in the
lives of youth!

Cyber Security for your Teenager

Contributed by Payton with special thanks to
organizations that support bullying prevention!
Thank you for making a difference Payton!




If you are being bullied, watch to the end and get help ... reach out.


Ellen DeGeneres,
Anti-Bullying Video


              KIDS HELP PHONE
                  In Crisis? Need Help?

Obama: It Gets Better (Bullying)

Message from Openly Gay Actor/Comic

Kathy Griffin, Message to Gay Teens (Suicides)

Caught in The Crowd


Anti-Bullying Flashmob

Effects of Teenage Bullying


Make a Difference! Check it Out!
Help a younger kid by merely being older! Change a life!

Anti-Bullying Ad


An Anti-Bullying Message From the NOH8 Campaign

The Price for Silence

Celebs who Beat Their Bullies

Eminem (Splash)

Rihanna (Splash)

Justin Bieber (Splash)

Christina Aguilera (Splash)

Tips for Those Being Bullied at School

According to Wendy Craig, Queen's Researcher, (Toronto Star, Nov. 19, 2009), a new study rates Canada as 36th out of 40 countries for abuse in school yards. If it's an issue for you or someone in your family, keep in mind that you can look into alternative forms of schooling such as online courses and home schooling. Research all government websites that provide information on alternative schooling.

Below are some interesting resources no matter where you live:

Ontario Updates

On February 2010, the Safe @ School legislation on reporting incidents came into effect. Click Here

The below PDF, dated February 2010, describes in detail what the latest change was: Click Here

The below link is to the EDU website for Safe Schools Program:
Click Here. From this link you can access recent news, school code of conducts, ways to prevent bullying, etc.

The Helplessness Of The Bystander Bully
Cyberbullying Help - Advise and Support

Facing Down the Bullies: 5 Ways Parents Can Help

When a Loved One Has PTSD

When someone you love has gone through a traumatic event, the repercussions of lasting anxiety can change family dynamics. Whether the person affected is a returning war veteran, the survivor of abuse or assault, or a witness to a serious accident or natural disaster, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims and their families often donít know how to deal with this anxiety disorder.


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