Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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                                                   Columnist's Guidelines




Young adults, 15 to 29, experiencing or affected by environmental or societal issues, bullying, a lack of adult mentoring, family bonds, healthy friendships, community support or parental interaction or who merely appreciate the value of mentorship, support, inspiration and empowerment.


Submission Guidelines

  1. Writers assume a mentorship role meaning you will counsel based only on your industry specialty or from personal experience. The mentor's role is to inspire and empower young adults. The negative aspects of life are not of importance. The action to overcome these aspects is our focus.

  2. Articles are due on the 15th of the month prior to publication. Deadlines are usually non-negotiable.

  3. The general structure for writing is: introduce your message, support it with your own experience or credible links on the subject, and conclude by restating your message.

  4. Articles should be 300 to 600 words and include one photo or Utube video per three paragraphs of copy. Writers are asked to use their own personal photography, but legal copyright photography can be purchased from www.istockphotos.com ($1 per picture). The smallest picture size at istock is always the most appropriate.

  5. Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, Arial font, regular/plain, 10 pt., single-spaced and without any formatting other than bolded items and double spaces between paragraphs. Only place one space after sentences and do not indent paragraphs.

  6. Articles are to be edited prior to submission.

  7. Keep personal "opinion" limited and avoid making claims unless supported by a highly credible source.

  8. Avoid personal analogies that have a negative slant.

  9. Avoid telling the reader what to do. Rather, mention the benefits of what you’re proposing and how it could affect change. Do not state that anything will happen or change due to your advice unless it can be supported through scientific research.

  10. Support factual information with links to credible sources/websites such as government sites, hospitals, university articles and experienced or well-known industry professionals.

  11. Avoid judgment, slang words, politics, religion and humorous antidotes. Humour is subjective.

  12. Do not endorse products or services unless pre-approved by the publisher.

Writer’s Services

Copy editing and photography services are available directly from Empowerment House. The fees involved are as follows:

  • Photography is available from $10/article. This price includes the purchase of legal copyright pictures.

  • Copy editing is available starting at $35/article.


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Empowerment House does not necessarily support contributing writer's thoughts although differing opinions can educate and enlighten readers to objectively decide what advise is best for them and which is not. We take no responsibly for the opinions of contributing writers. Readers should assume responsibility for their health and choices. Consult your physician, therapist, and/or a natural health expert for assisting your individual needs. The writers and publisher assume no responsibility for unintentional errors or inaccuracy of information. Videos and some pictures have been collected online from various newsgroups and public domain sources. Screenshots have been taken to assist to promote our picks of the month. If you find an image or video that is not free for distribution, please contact us and we'll remove the image or credit its author. Thank you.