Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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Lisa Rosano

Lisa is a Life Coach with over 12 years experience in private, government and corporate sectors working with young adults, adults, and professionals. Lisa challenges her clients to face their issues and/or goals, create change through the power of desire, and move forward rapidly into a state of homeostasis (health and balance of the whole being).

Lisa provides a rare form of Life Coaching whereas she utilizes the concepts of both physiology (health of the body) and psychology (health of the mind). Psychology offers many theories, concepts and approaches that are utilized to reflect factual information back to a client enabling them to make appropriate decisions for their own happiness and health, rather than being guided to a “normal” set of societal standards.

No matter what your condition or situation, whether you are seeking inner happiness or to launch a global business, always remember that the most successful people on the planet have life coaches in one form or another.


Regarding teen and young adult issues and if possible, contact Lisa when you notice personality changes or rapid changes in behavior. Seeing a life coach has little to no "stigmata" around it, while seeing a therapist, being charged for small crimes, or going to drug rehab does. If you can nip issues (new unhealthy behaviors) before they become permanent behaviors, your young adult will have an easier road ahead and so will you!

To book Lisa for an initial one hour consultation, please contact Kyle Spencer.


There is light in the distance that is shadowed by many mountains.
I desire this light, but am afraid of the arduous journey.
Out of shear boredom, I loose my footing and stumble forward.
I realize that I am one step closer to the light and it took little effort.
I notice beautiful, yellow flowers only yards away and I walk towards them.
I realize that I am yards closer to the light and the journey was most enjoyable.
Yes, I spend some days climbing rocks and getting bruised and scraped, but at the end of each of these days,
I am closer to the light and I am not afraid. I am truly enjoying this journey!

Funny thing! As soon as I got to the light, I saw another light and stumbled towards it.
Those first few steps changed my life.
Each light that I reached fortified the next.
This journey never ends and I am excited to be alive!


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