Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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   By: Lisa Rosano, Owner, Publisher, and Life Coach
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Life is a Gift

Many young adults are concerned for their futures, yet unfortunately, many also expend their energy on giving up, not having hope, and feeling overwhelmed by the problems of society and the world at large. With this mind, the bottom line to one of North America's problems is that we're more focused on our displeasures than we are on the gifts that surround us each and every day such as love, nature, family, community and more. If we were in love with nature, maybe we wouldn't sit back so much while it was being destroyed? Empowerment House has a huge following from Africa and I can honestly say that these people have much to teach us about survival and making the best of life on this planet. It's time for young adults to start realizing their power and that in masses (internet or face-to-face) you can petition government in North America and create change.

In Canada, petitioning government is not only legal, but supported by the government. In the United States, each state has their own governing rules, while many countries in the world do not offer the option of petitioning government. So Canadians and all those who have the power to influence their governments, you also have the power to change the world. I hope you take the time to look at the links below and consider your role in environmental change, global assistance, environmental crisis plans for your communities, providing food and shelter to the less fortunate, and so forth. To find out more about how to petition government, search "how to petition government in (enter your country, province, etc.).

Petition Canadian Government
Petition Ontario Government

Living means turning trials and tribulations into great lessons, new beginnings, and hopefully, a refreshed way of looking at life. Many times, we don't know how strong we actually are until we're put to the test. In even the worst of times, the human spirit tends to rise above and find light within the darkness. It seems as though, it's when we’re at our best.

I know of a family in Japan who had the opportunity to come to Canada during the nuclear crises, but choose to stay in Japan to honor their people and country. I remember offering a friend in New York a place to stay here in Canada moments after the towers were hit, but I only offended him. “Nothing will drive me from my home,” he said with great conviction.

The Story of the Rising Phoenix

The Phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal. According to some legends, it has a 500 to 1000 year life cycle. When the Phoenix reaches the end of its life, it builds itself a nest of twigs that ignites and burns both nest and bird to ashes. From the ashes, a new, young phoenix rises, reborn to live again.

Trails and tribulations make the world go-round and survival comes from how we choose to respond to life’s challenges. Do we dwindle in the darkness or fight each day to find the light? Focus on that which is good, loving, inspirational, fulfilling, creative, insightful, empowering, nourishing or positive. Do what you can to give to others, the community, and maybe even globally. Knowing that you are part of the solution to changing the world, rather than part of the problem, can truly brighten the way for your life journey.

I hope you enjoy this special issue of Empowerment House,

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