Why You Shouldn't Try Drugs! Teen and Parent's Survival Guide - Special Issue Spring 2013 Issue, 21st Edition

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I am a young adult and please keep up the good work. Your publication is very inspiring and not to mention an honest discussion about major points of contention in many young people's lives. Your writers make an important contribution as teachers and leaders of today's society. I accidentally stumbled upon this publication about a year ago. It immediately spoke to me, for many reasons.

Though I have never written myself I have followed your magazine now and then; always thankful to have done so. To me, writing from the heart - from that place of deep experience is where people can truly make a difference and touch others. It's that sharing of life's stories and being able to connect with another on a very basic human level that can make the world of difference and very often change a life forever!

Your writers are real people, with real stories to share. They are all rooted with a genuine foundation to reach out and help people, and this giving very much shines through their words.

I enjoy that your magazine has a limited number of columns, as it keeps it manageable for the reader :)

Your intentions are good - this is really all that matters - the rest will flow. 

Love and light!
- Young Adult

The magazine brings me information regarding topics that are very relevant to living and having a positive outlook in life. It is like a breath of fresh air on an otherwise very hectic, fast pace society. I really enjoy the information presented and look forward to getting the e-mails. This is the only magazine I really make time to read and the fact that it's in blocks makes it not overwhelming and easier to find the time to enjoy it.

- Young Adult

I was initially attracted to Empowerment House because of its ability to make sense of the situations that we as people deal with on a daily basis.

The ideas and morals behind the company is, what I think, every person should aspire to be and that is to make not only ourselves, but each other better people. The monthly newsletters are filled with motivational stories that inspire both young adults and older adults to confront their situations and make sense of them in a way that is most beneficial to their lives. Personally, Empowerment House has pushed me to strive for more in life and realize that there are always people around who will be able to reach out and help you. Empowerment House really is just that - empowering. 

Not only does it provide an inspirational setting but it also allows readers to contribute to the monthly themes and write about their own experiences and lessons learned. Empowerment House is an excellent company and I think it can only grow from here! Thank you to all the hard work and services you have put in, it has really paid off.

- Young Adult

Just a quick note to congratulate you on your Empowerment House publication and newsletters. I quite look forward to your emails and updates and the monthly publications are enriching and helpful.

In this techno age where so much of what is put out there is doom, gloom and generally stressful no matter what the topic, you present a point of view that is down to earth, helpful in our daily lives and uplifting. It is so easy to just chug along with your head down but your help people to hold their heads a bit higher and encourage us to work outside the box.

Many thanks for all that your team is doing!!! I particularly enjoy Michael Killipís articles.

- Adult

I have been receiving your publication for the past while, and I really enjoy it.  I am over the age of 29, and I work with high school aged young adults.  I am always sharing with them your stories and videos.  They seem to enjoy them.  Your stories are current and relevant to many of the students I see.

- Youth Counselor

Anyone with an ounce of curiosity and/or wish for improvement would feel a difference.

- Grandmother

The publisher's glass is obviously half full! Thanks for sharing!

- Young Adult

Didn't even know adults cared. Thought you all thought we suck! Thanks!

- Young Adult

Got both my kids to become members while I became one too. I think I enjoy the magazine as much as they do!

- Parent

Empowerment House has been a true blessing in disguise.  It is a meaningful and enjoyable message that comes to my email with an insightful messages that has real value. The email blast is nicely linked to read more longer articles and the pictures and enticing. The educational wisdom is provided to provide inspiration. The organizational voice is communicated effectively and compassionately to all who read.  An amazing new and inspiring website and email blast.

- Parent

Nice to get good news for a change! I avoid the media, but enjoy your magazine!

- Young Adult

Your magazine is amazing! The ideas stick with me and keep me thinking long after I read them, Thank you! I am inspired and always look forward to diving in ever so often to find something else to slowly absorb throughout the day.
- Young Adult

Keep up the Fantastic work!

- Parent

Empowerment House is amazing! Really incredible work and I know that all the hopeful positive, inspiring energy that you put out there is multiplying exponentially! I can feel it in myself whenever I visit.

Lisa Rosano is a force of nature! She inspires me continuously. She is a rational, enthusiastic, incredible mentor to have. I would highly recommend Lisa for any position requiring energy, drive, insight, courage, intelligence, hope and innovation: something like Saving The World, perhaps!"

- Young Adult

All I ever read about is the negative side of life. All I ever read in your magazine and newsletters is the positive side of life. Cheers!

- Young Adult

I was suicidal over Christmas, but spent the holidays with the magazine and members and felt better. Knowing that I was not alone and the magazine was addressing my issues such as depression and loneliness made all the difference. Thank you to the magazine and it's members! I never feel alone with my problems anymore!

Young Adult

Micheal Killip's column is great! He makes me smile every time I see it and look forward to the next!

- Young Adult

My parents let me visit your site because you don't have any bad language. We watch the videos together sometimes. We never di that before.

- Young Adult

Gets pretty lonely out here. I don't have parents. Live in a foster home. Thanks for being here.

- Young Adult

Free advise from a lawyer is not given to kids like me. Thanks for believing in us ...

- Young Adult

For those who don't know Lisa, she's the real thing. As young adults, we have grown to not trust those around us. Lisa is my personal mentor and an adult who won't give up on us and there's nothin in it for her! She just loves us no matter what! Never met anyone like her. Might never again.   

- Young Adult


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